Friday, February 27, 2009

Sunwell... Preparation for T8 content?

Thats right. Our guild is using one of our raid nights to do Sunwell progression lol. Think of it this way.. Yes its easier now that we're 80 in T7.5, but the encounters take knowledge of the fight and a lot of movement -- and they still wipe the raid if you do it wrong.

We went in last week with high hopes, but we were lacking people on for the event. We got up to the Eredar Twins, then called it a night.

Last night we walked in to get a good start on the place so our raid night tonight could concentrate more on the bosses we struggled with. We'll begin tonight with Felmyst. Felmyst is a difficult encounter when people are lacking the focus to dispel, move and watch the paths for beams / plague. Give it a try, I bet you'll wipe :).

The main reason why we're going back to the Sunwell is to get our mindsets back into what a real raid is supposed to feel like. We're supposed to have discipline and focus when trying to grind out the content. With that in mind, don't sacrifice fun either. You have to have balance to have a happy raid group. Once you concentrate too much on one or the other, you start to have detrimental effects on your group. You start wiping, you lose focus, people get frustrated.

Keep this in mind when you're preparing your guilds for Ulduar, it's not going to be as easy as you think ;).

By the way.. T8.5 with the kilt / surcoat = hawt, T8.5 with pants = ghey.


Alex - aka Firelight said...

Eredar twins even at 80 is a pain! WE wiped over and over - You really need someone on vent who knows the fight and can explain it.

Kil'jaeden is cake compared to the eredar twins...i mean serious cake. So's Muru for that matter. NUKE NUKE NUKE!!

You think running around in a dress isnt gay?


NightKnight said...

Lol. Well, if you look from the perspective of what the Paladin class truly is .. Wearing a robe-like armor seems fitting. I think the Judgement set had it down to the Tee what a Retribution Paladin was meant to look like. The T8 look is getting right back into that feel, with a mix of that Ulduar style. I have to admit it does look a little shaman-like, but overall if they keep the White / Bronze version it will look great.

The helm however? Definitely could use a makeover lol. I'd rather wear my power ranger T7 helm than that piece of metal plastered on my forehead and mouth lmao.

Marshal said...

Have u guys cleared Kil'Jaden at 70? curious...