Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heroic Sartharion 3D, NOW IN TECHNICOLOR!

So last night we walked into Sartharion's Lair, the Obsidian Sanctum to work on Sarth 3D.

To be honest, I didn't really feel like coming home to more work when I'm overloaded at work as it is. That being said, even though I wasn't very excited to make progression I still went along and gave it my all.

It felt like we were back in our training wheel days of learning Sartharion 2D. Everyone was attempting to give it their all, but we ran into a few snags. Some healers continued to die over and over again, some missed seeing the voids on the ground, some literally jumped into the voids attempting to dodge the drake's breath as the tank was moving him.... etc.

My girlfriend and I couldn't help but feel some frustration after seeing continual wipes due to the same problems and we expressed our utmost "concern" to each other of what was occurring before our very eyes. The dps were okay for the most part as long as they continued to watch for fissures and kept a keen eye on our drake tank (he was adjusting to having to move the 1st drake into the 2nd drake's landing position, so we had to adjust our own running paths to avoid getting blasted in the face by a breath).

We had one promising run where we had downed the 2nd drake, but had instantaneously lost our Main Tank and Add Tank. Other than that we lost focus and had to call it an early night. We do have some members who lack in a decent internet connection / PC to play the game when we're attempting a difficult event like Sartharion 3D. Most attempts had followed through with a tank DCing or 1 or 2 Healers DCing all at the same time.

Some people thought we had made no progress, but with the surprise DCs .. what do you expect.

We will be headed back in there again Thursday.

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