Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Guild, Not much else

Well, after another terrible raiding night (consistent with the fail we've been experiencing the past few weeks) my gf d/ced from the raid last time and the guild leader kicked her from the guild. This was the last straw for both of us and I promptly logged on and kicked my own characters and removed myself from the guild. Outermost is no more. The current leads from the guild did not want to listen to the pleas of everyone around them to not let all players switch to roles they want to fit into. "We need an elemental shaman" he says "we need a feral dps druid" the other said. Among plenty of other comments which ultimately led the guild to have about 21 dps, 2 tanks and 2 healers for core and the rest were picked up from who knows where and were expected to fix this issue we were having of not being able to clear content we cleared over and over again with plenty of ease.

That guild is in shambles and I'm glad we left. My gf and I recently applied to Ethereal and were promptly invited for trial memberships within 2 days of our apps. So far they have been fun and very understanding with our situation and the fact that we'd like to raid together. I won't be around the computer too much for the rest of the month, but I'll update with any other news if I happen to raid.

Peace out!

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