Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Almost Undying :(

Well, we went in to attempt an Undying 10 man Naxx run last night... and We lost one person on Thaddius by crossing positive and neutral charges :(. The run was going very smooth until then, and we ended up disheveled and lacking in focus afterwards. People stepped away from their A-game and swapped it out with their I don't care game. Understandable considering there's nothing in 10 man content that we want.. we just were interested in the achievement.

So no Undying for me or my girlfriend this week, but we'll try again next week and see how that goes.


Anonymous said...

Technically, that's Undying, no?


NightKnight said...

yeah, just a quick post of irritation lol. i'll fix it eventually.

Anonymous said...

Thaddius is not only the infamous raid-killer because of the jump that for some reason so many people cant make, he is now also the infamous achievement-ruiner, hehe.

NightKnight said...

Yes, yes he is lol.

We attempted Heroic: Sarth 3D last night again and ended up with the same fail as we experienced last week. We keep lacking the same people entering the raid with us due to those who decide last minute to not show and those who have things going on irl.

I'm honestly burnt out by the content and I'd rather fish or level my alt than raid and fail over and over again with new people who need to learn the fight and those who just never learn.