Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sartharion 2D Moar AoE preez.

Just when you thought that Sartharion was a cake walk... He'll take a few of his buddies with him to wreak havoc!

So we walked into Sartharion for some more progression work on Sartharion 2D last night. Since the 3.0.8 patch they gave guilds benefit to going into the portals when they spawn for each drake. So what did we try to do? Zerg Sarth and his 2 buddies and said screw the portals. Did we succeed? Lets continue..

To be curt, no. We failed with brilliant shades of red as the blood of our bandwidth inclined guild members dropped like flys to big red circles of death. What caught most people is that these void zones are HUGE. You literally have to run away from it as soon as it spawns on the ground or you'll die. I'll admit I got burned once by it, but did I do it after that? Not once. These fights really require everyone to pay attention and have a decent computer and a good internet connection.

So after 2.5 hours of attempts, we said screw it, took down a 2nd drake and one shot Sarth + 1D. At least I took home that achievement with my 60g+ repair bill :P.

I guess something to write home about was that both me and my girlfriend came out #1 and 2 on dps for the kill haha. Besides that it was a pretty uneventful night.

Oh yeah, we did happen to run 10 Maly and Sarth 1D on Sunday, and I picked up the shield off of Malygos for an off set piece :D. Pretty cool shield that one is.

I think we're headed back into Naxx tonight, so keep an eye out for a post of fun, slight boredom and possibly new lewts (zomg, NightKnight might get something new?) .

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