Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love is in the air... and apparently so is the Flu.

Good morning everyone..

Well, I wish it was a better morning :P.. So the valentines day event started up and everyone is feverishly running around professing their love to any man or woman guard they lay their eyes on lol.

As for the real life, it seems as if the Flu has decided that it too needs to rue the day as well. So not only did I catch the love bug in game and run around with my sweetheart trying to get the titles with each other.. but I caught the flu bug as well /sad panda. So I decided to catch up on some major sleep yesterday (think I had a good run for about 12-14 hours of sleep) and it helped tremendously. Now I've been chugging water and anything with vitamin C all day and keeping as hydrated as possible to fight this off before all the Valentines day events start kicking off this weekend :P.

I may or may not run to finish off Naxx tonight if I'm still not feeling up to snuff by tonight.

Hope you guys are staying healthy and getting enough sleep. You'll need it to fight off this bug.


Anonymous said...

You KNOW when you're sick when you're considering passing up phat lootz! XD


NightKnight said...

Haha yeah.. I was feeling pretty crappy this morning, luckily I'm feeling pretty good now. I think most of it passed through my system. So I should be good to go for this weekend and a chance at some phat lewtz tonight haha.