Monday, February 23, 2009

Heroic: Sartharion + 2 Drakes Down for Outermost!

Hey all, sorry for the long hiatus in posts -- it was a rough week.

So as a guild we walked into Sartharion to make more progression work on Sartharion +2D. We had 21 people to start, and ended with 23 people in raid. Yes, our first 2D kill was with 23 people! To add to the bit of hilarity, I was healing lol. So we had 5 healers in there, including me (which I'll say that I was about a 1/2 healer since none of my gear was enchanted haha).

Much to our surprise it worked and our kill was smooth as butter! Since I had so much practice as melee dodging the firewalls and avoiding adds, it was a pretty easy transition when healing. I only got hit by the firewall once, and I bubbled out of it :).

I'm very proud of our guild's accomplishments so far, we're definitely progressing well as a newer guild on the server. All we have left for progression is Sartharion 3D and the 6 minute Malygos kill. Should be interesting and keep us occupied until Ulduar (I hope).

I hope all of you have a pleasant rest of the day, I'm taking Monday in stride and trying to not let nerves and stress get to me with my deadlines approaching :P.

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