Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome back!

Hey all,

Welcome back from your Valentine's Day weekend. I hope you all had an enjoyable one ( Mine was outstanding!).

I know I was out for a while, but hey -- I've come back with some news too ;).

After recovering from the wonderful weekend I spent with my love, we went in for some more progression work on 2D Sartharion last night.

WOW were we close to getting it. We had 2 awesome attempts that should have been a down and out but something went haywire. Our drake tank lost agro on the second drake... then that was followed by a breath for 12k+ on about 1/2 the raid, wiped out 3 healers, then the rest is history. SO CLOSE.

We spent 2.5 hours on him and finally gave in and just took him down once again with 1 drake for an easy kill to close out the night. We had tons of people D/Cing multiple times, had 4-5 people leave, so it was difficult to get everyone on the same page.

We'll be headed to Heroic Naxx / Malygos tonight again, so expect to see me in at least 1 new piece by tomorrow :D.


Adrus said...

We are doing heroic naxx tonight and i need to respec and drop kings before i have to kill the pally tank that keeps TELLING me to put kings on the pallys and setting my pally power for kings i hope to teach him to ask for stuff some day....

we are planing to try OS with 1 drake up we have only done it with none up so far should be easy we have the dps and heals for it....

NightKnight said...

Very nice, good luck to you in your run tonight.

When you're in naxx and if you get to Thaddius, try and challenge yourself to beat my top dps of 7.6k :D. That was with all pally buffs, feral druid, draenei, flasked and food buffed.

As for OS +1, easy fight when you have good planning and strategy. Make sure you have geared tanks and healers before you challenge yourselves too much :).

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you want to talk dps numbers, give us your best Patchwerk! ;)

OS+1 - not THAT hard, also not that easy. Good luck to everyone trying Sartharion with drakes!


NightKnight said...

To be perfectly honest I've never had a great Patchwerk fight. Usually the healers get a little to heal happy and top me off too many times during the fight :P. I think my record so far though was somewhere around 4.6k - 5k dps with running into the river countless times.

Anonymous said...

When you say the healers are getting to heal happy, do you mean that you end up with high health and get hatefuled to death?

Those are very good numbers! My best so far is 4338, and that was accomplished with 3 blues (that I'm still wearing).