Monday, February 9, 2009

Give Me Some Achievements Baby!

Well, the past few days have been pretty eventful. Since the last post, I cleared 25 Naxx, 10 Malygos and 10 Sartharion + 1 Drake for the first time with my new guild.

When I wasn't raiding, I went on some runs to finish off my Northrend Dungeon Master and Champion of the Frozen Wastes (clear all heroic dungeons and 10 or 25 sarth, maly and Naxx).

Woot! Longest title ever haha. Thanks to my sweetie for pushing me along and helping me get those last dreadful heroics over with ;).

Even though I miss my old guild terribly, I have to say that the new guild is a nice change of pace. Almost everyone in the guild is friendly and helpful (maybe because I'm one of their top dps? lol just kidding!!). I'm back under a DKP system again which I don't mind and it's pretty fair overall. I tend to be on doing nothing during raid times / days anyways so I end up getting in and making my way through and getting my fair share of the DKP.

So now I've officially gone through all of the content except for Sartharion 2D and 3D (we're going in tonight for 2D 25man). I don't see an issue with getting geared up for Ulduar at this pace with a running head start :).

I guess its back to the grind again.. just needed to take a break and spout off on something before I freak out with my current work on my plate.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your title! I finally got a group for Heroic Oculus this week. I also sacrificed another hour of my life to a Malygos PUG that didn't get him (my guild has only downed him once, and I wasn't there).

Really want to start clearing Malygos 10 for the title and that awesome DPS ring.


NightKnight said...

Hey, welcome to my blog!

Ah yes Heroic Oc... Such a PITA lol. It works the easiest when 2 people take Green drakes, 2 Bronze and 1 Red.

Malygos is a fairly straight forward fight and it just takes coordination for everyone to group up tight and move together out of the shock areas.

Let me know if you'd like to see a post about anything. Lately it's just been my random mumblings of different raid accomplishments and life in general lol.