Friday, February 6, 2009

Heroic Malygos down, 1/2 Heroic Naxx last night

Hey all!

Last night I was invited by the new guild to help them out in Heroic: Eye of the Eternity and to my surprise to do some of Heroic Naxxramas as well.

I walked in knowing the fight for Malygos having done it on normal (but never succesfully lol) and we 3 shot him last night. We had a few people not ready and we ran into an issue with one of the bugs people have been experiencing in the instance. It really is a straight forward encounter and not very difficult as long as you stick together :).

So we headed then to Naxxramas. I was pleasently surprised to find out that I'm still able to top damage having only changed out 2 pieces of gear (t7 legs and loatheb's shadow) since the last time I ran with these guys around 2 months ago. They had boasted about their one ret paladin that supposedly "replaced" me when I didnt join them back when I was running 10 mans with them and they were right, he is a pretty good ret paladin :D. I had to show him up when I walked in though, so I brought my A-game and kept up with their top 5 dps: 2 mages, 1 Hunter, 1 Rogue and the other Ret pally (I ended up #1-3 on boss fights). Surprisingly there was one rogue that was able to keep up with me in dps, though he definitely out geared me lol.

I saw the one ring I've had an eye on for a long while (Ruthlessness) drop and I couldn't bid on it :(. Ah well, I was just glad I got to get in for a random run with them and spend some time with the gf. Everyone seemed happy to have me come with them though they of course had to give me crap about not joining earlier (even though I joined just to be with my girl :D).

As a side note of hilarity... One of the main tanks got "Tanked" last night and was giving some interesting input on Ventrillo last night lol. Lets just say he couldn't seem to get his mouth moving as fast as his brain wanted to talk :P.

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