Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You did what in one raid night?

So there we were, getting prepared for raid night, and being told to get to the Eye of Eternity for our 25 man raid night.

We walk in, get buffed up, 2 shot Malygos.

"Everyone get to Dragonblight, we're going to do Sartharion 2D." So we make our way over. Someone notices that we just took control of Wintergrasp. "Change of plans everyone, lets get a port to Dalaran and everyone head to the Vault!" shouts the guild leader.

20 Minutes later.. 25 Vault of Archevon cleared, and the guild leader picks up again: "Okay, everyone head back to OS and take a 5-10 min bio."

Expecting to have at least a few attempts and get him down once again.
About 45 minutes and 1 shot later, Sarth 2D down.

Much to the surprise of the guild leader, he gets anxious and tells everyone to head to Naxxramas for some more raiding lol.

So we decide to call it a night after 5 bosses in Naxx. What a rush! All in 3.5 hours, we cleared almost the entirety of content available to us! We turned our 3 day core raid week into an easy 2 day. To make up for the quick run through, we're going to be doing Sunwell as a mandatory raid night now to get in preparation for the complexity of Ulduar raids.

My girlfriend and I both managed to pick up a new piece of gear last night (I finally replaced my last blue!), so we were both pleased with our hectic run :).

Expect more news upcoming this week!

Oh, and I had a 200,403 damage crit on an understudy during the Instructor Razuvious fight ;).

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Billy Tatu said...

I still haven't attempted Sarth with any drakes up though I hope to soon