Friday, February 27, 2009

Sunwell... Preparation for T8 content?

Thats right. Our guild is using one of our raid nights to do Sunwell progression lol. Think of it this way.. Yes its easier now that we're 80 in T7.5, but the encounters take knowledge of the fight and a lot of movement -- and they still wipe the raid if you do it wrong.

We went in last week with high hopes, but we were lacking people on for the event. We got up to the Eredar Twins, then called it a night.

Last night we walked in to get a good start on the place so our raid night tonight could concentrate more on the bosses we struggled with. We'll begin tonight with Felmyst. Felmyst is a difficult encounter when people are lacking the focus to dispel, move and watch the paths for beams / plague. Give it a try, I bet you'll wipe :).

The main reason why we're going back to the Sunwell is to get our mindsets back into what a real raid is supposed to feel like. We're supposed to have discipline and focus when trying to grind out the content. With that in mind, don't sacrifice fun either. You have to have balance to have a happy raid group. Once you concentrate too much on one or the other, you start to have detrimental effects on your group. You start wiping, you lose focus, people get frustrated.

Keep this in mind when you're preparing your guilds for Ulduar, it's not going to be as easy as you think ;).

By the way.. T8.5 with the kilt / surcoat = hawt, T8.5 with pants = ghey.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You did what in one raid night?

So there we were, getting prepared for raid night, and being told to get to the Eye of Eternity for our 25 man raid night.

We walk in, get buffed up, 2 shot Malygos.

"Everyone get to Dragonblight, we're going to do Sartharion 2D." So we make our way over. Someone notices that we just took control of Wintergrasp. "Change of plans everyone, lets get a port to Dalaran and everyone head to the Vault!" shouts the guild leader.

20 Minutes later.. 25 Vault of Archevon cleared, and the guild leader picks up again: "Okay, everyone head back to OS and take a 5-10 min bio."

Expecting to have at least a few attempts and get him down once again.
About 45 minutes and 1 shot later, Sarth 2D down.

Much to the surprise of the guild leader, he gets anxious and tells everyone to head to Naxxramas for some more raiding lol.

So we decide to call it a night after 5 bosses in Naxx. What a rush! All in 3.5 hours, we cleared almost the entirety of content available to us! We turned our 3 day core raid week into an easy 2 day. To make up for the quick run through, we're going to be doing Sunwell as a mandatory raid night now to get in preparation for the complexity of Ulduar raids.

My girlfriend and I both managed to pick up a new piece of gear last night (I finally replaced my last blue!), so we were both pleased with our hectic run :).

Expect more news upcoming this week!

Oh, and I had a 200,403 damage crit on an understudy during the Instructor Razuvious fight ;).

Monday, February 23, 2009

Heroic: Sartharion + 2 Drakes Down for Outermost!

Hey all, sorry for the long hiatus in posts -- it was a rough week.

So as a guild we walked into Sartharion to make more progression work on Sartharion +2D. We had 21 people to start, and ended with 23 people in raid. Yes, our first 2D kill was with 23 people! To add to the bit of hilarity, I was healing lol. So we had 5 healers in there, including me (which I'll say that I was about a 1/2 healer since none of my gear was enchanted haha).

Much to our surprise it worked and our kill was smooth as butter! Since I had so much practice as melee dodging the firewalls and avoiding adds, it was a pretty easy transition when healing. I only got hit by the firewall once, and I bubbled out of it :).

I'm very proud of our guild's accomplishments so far, we're definitely progressing well as a newer guild on the server. All we have left for progression is Sartharion 3D and the 6 minute Malygos kill. Should be interesting and keep us occupied until Ulduar (I hope).

I hope all of you have a pleasant rest of the day, I'm taking Monday in stride and trying to not let nerves and stress get to me with my deadlines approaching :P.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome back!

Hey all,

Welcome back from your Valentine's Day weekend. I hope you all had an enjoyable one ( Mine was outstanding!).

I know I was out for a while, but hey -- I've come back with some news too ;).

After recovering from the wonderful weekend I spent with my love, we went in for some more progression work on 2D Sartharion last night.

WOW were we close to getting it. We had 2 awesome attempts that should have been a down and out but something went haywire. Our drake tank lost agro on the second drake... then that was followed by a breath for 12k+ on about 1/2 the raid, wiped out 3 healers, then the rest is history. SO CLOSE.

We spent 2.5 hours on him and finally gave in and just took him down once again with 1 drake for an easy kill to close out the night. We had tons of people D/Cing multiple times, had 4-5 people leave, so it was difficult to get everyone on the same page.

We'll be headed to Heroic Naxx / Malygos tonight again, so expect to see me in at least 1 new piece by tomorrow :D.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Have a Great Valentine's Weekend!

Just wanted to drop in and wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day and to enjoy the weekend!

Stay safe, make your special someone happy, and if you don't have someone special -- treat yourself to something nice. Hang out with friends, family, just reconnect :).

If you're really bored, work on your Fool for Love achievement haha.

Luckily, whatever bug I had passed through pretty quickly and I'm feeling great again so I can enjoy myself this weekend :D.

Take care all,

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love is in the air... and apparently so is the Flu.

Good morning everyone..

Well, I wish it was a better morning :P.. So the valentines day event started up and everyone is feverishly running around professing their love to any man or woman guard they lay their eyes on lol.

As for the real life, it seems as if the Flu has decided that it too needs to rue the day as well. So not only did I catch the love bug in game and run around with my sweetheart trying to get the titles with each other.. but I caught the flu bug as well /sad panda. So I decided to catch up on some major sleep yesterday (think I had a good run for about 12-14 hours of sleep) and it helped tremendously. Now I've been chugging water and anything with vitamin C all day and keeping as hydrated as possible to fight this off before all the Valentines day events start kicking off this weekend :P.

I may or may not run to finish off Naxx tonight if I'm still not feeling up to snuff by tonight.

Hope you guys are staying healthy and getting enough sleep. You'll need it to fight off this bug.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sartharion 2D Moar AoE preez.

Just when you thought that Sartharion was a cake walk... He'll take a few of his buddies with him to wreak havoc!

So we walked into Sartharion for some more progression work on Sartharion 2D last night. Since the 3.0.8 patch they gave guilds benefit to going into the portals when they spawn for each drake. So what did we try to do? Zerg Sarth and his 2 buddies and said screw the portals. Did we succeed? Lets continue..

To be curt, no. We failed with brilliant shades of red as the blood of our bandwidth inclined guild members dropped like flys to big red circles of death. What caught most people is that these void zones are HUGE. You literally have to run away from it as soon as it spawns on the ground or you'll die. I'll admit I got burned once by it, but did I do it after that? Not once. These fights really require everyone to pay attention and have a decent computer and a good internet connection.

So after 2.5 hours of attempts, we said screw it, took down a 2nd drake and one shot Sarth + 1D. At least I took home that achievement with my 60g+ repair bill :P.

I guess something to write home about was that both me and my girlfriend came out #1 and 2 on dps for the kill haha. Besides that it was a pretty uneventful night.

Oh yeah, we did happen to run 10 Maly and Sarth 1D on Sunday, and I picked up the shield off of Malygos for an off set piece :D. Pretty cool shield that one is.

I think we're headed back into Naxx tonight, so keep an eye out for a post of fun, slight boredom and possibly new lewts (zomg, NightKnight might get something new?) .

Monday, February 9, 2009

Give Me Some Achievements Baby!

Well, the past few days have been pretty eventful. Since the last post, I cleared 25 Naxx, 10 Malygos and 10 Sartharion + 1 Drake for the first time with my new guild.

When I wasn't raiding, I went on some runs to finish off my Northrend Dungeon Master and Champion of the Frozen Wastes (clear all heroic dungeons and 10 or 25 sarth, maly and Naxx).

Woot! Longest title ever haha. Thanks to my sweetie for pushing me along and helping me get those last dreadful heroics over with ;).

Even though I miss my old guild terribly, I have to say that the new guild is a nice change of pace. Almost everyone in the guild is friendly and helpful (maybe because I'm one of their top dps? lol just kidding!!). I'm back under a DKP system again which I don't mind and it's pretty fair overall. I tend to be on doing nothing during raid times / days anyways so I end up getting in and making my way through and getting my fair share of the DKP.

So now I've officially gone through all of the content except for Sartharion 2D and 3D (we're going in tonight for 2D 25man). I don't see an issue with getting geared up for Ulduar at this pace with a running head start :).

I guess its back to the grind again.. just needed to take a break and spout off on something before I freak out with my current work on my plate.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Heroic Malygos down, 1/2 Heroic Naxx last night

Hey all!

Last night I was invited by the new guild to help them out in Heroic: Eye of the Eternity and to my surprise to do some of Heroic Naxxramas as well.

I walked in knowing the fight for Malygos having done it on normal (but never succesfully lol) and we 3 shot him last night. We had a few people not ready and we ran into an issue with one of the bugs people have been experiencing in the instance. It really is a straight forward encounter and not very difficult as long as you stick together :).

So we headed then to Naxxramas. I was pleasently surprised to find out that I'm still able to top damage having only changed out 2 pieces of gear (t7 legs and loatheb's shadow) since the last time I ran with these guys around 2 months ago. They had boasted about their one ret paladin that supposedly "replaced" me when I didnt join them back when I was running 10 mans with them and they were right, he is a pretty good ret paladin :D. I had to show him up when I walked in though, so I brought my A-game and kept up with their top 5 dps: 2 mages, 1 Hunter, 1 Rogue and the other Ret pally (I ended up #1-3 on boss fights). Surprisingly there was one rogue that was able to keep up with me in dps, though he definitely out geared me lol.

I saw the one ring I've had an eye on for a long while (Ruthlessness) drop and I couldn't bid on it :(. Ah well, I was just glad I got to get in for a random run with them and spend some time with the gf. Everyone seemed happy to have me come with them though they of course had to give me crap about not joining earlier (even though I joined just to be with my girl :D).

As a side note of hilarity... One of the main tanks got "Tanked" last night and was giving some interesting input on Ventrillo last night lol. Lets just say he couldn't seem to get his mouth moving as fast as his brain wanted to talk :P.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sometimes you just gotta move on..

Well, I had to make a difficult decision this week. My girlfriend and I both play on the same server, but we're in different guilds. I've run plenty with her guild before until they formed up into one of the top guilds (#11) on the server and started a DKP loot system. I stopped getting included in runs, and we had to balance our time together delicately due to our difference in raid schedules.

So I've been pondering for the past week or so if I should jump ship and join up with her so we can at least play together again. I finally scrounged up the courage to tell everyone in guild the situation and what I planned to do about it.

My last raid day with Resolution is Sunday. It's sad, but I didn't break any ties with the friends I've made there and I told them that I was only going to take my paladin to her guild. I made some good friends in that guild and I will miss going on runs with them. Luckily I made a great impression on some of her fellow raid members that I essentially secured a core raid spot so I can play side by side with my little angel :).

Now I get to balance my time leveling my TBC main in Resolution and raiding with Outermost.

Kind of a side note, but when I notified my guild of my leave to play with my girlfriend in her guild spurred one of my RL friends to tell everyone he was leaving the guild as well.. and guess where to? Yep. He got accepted into my new guild as well. Funny coincidence. He expressed his concern about the guild before, but was unsure as to what he was going to do about it. I had my own reason for leaving and its really more just stepping down from my current raid spot in guild, then taking on a role at the new guild so they accept me officially as one of their own members. I was surprised at first with his decision, but I knew he wanted to experience 25 man content. Most of the reason I play the game is due to my friends and I've always tried to have them in the same guild as me so we can "hang out" or w/e in game (luckily they make their own decisions and this time around it just happened to work out). So even though its sad that we both had decided to give our "2 weeks notice" at the same time in guild, I'm glad that at least one of my friends managed to get into the same guild as me.

Thank you Resolution for your hospitality and friendship, the past year and a half has been an experience I won't soon forget. I'll miss raiding with you guys, but remember -- I'm just one /camp /logon to my alt away :).