Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Raiding Starts for Resolution of Vek'nilash!

It's finally that time everyone. The guild I belong to (Resolution) is finally headed into raiding once again. Once a 25 man raiding guild, we are now progressing through 10 man content. At our current status we're not going to be headed into 25 man content for a while, at least from the impressions I got from our Raid and Guild leaders. Myself having been through all of Naxx in 10 man and most in 25 man, I'll be the main source of knowledge for our progression. Most of our players have had a chance in Naxxramas at least once before, as well as having formed a couple Vault of Archevon and Obsidian Sanctum runs in the past weeks.

Most of us are ready to go and blow through the content as we've seen other guilds do already. Our core raid members are suited for the job and we should accomplish a lot in our first raid week this week.

Wednesday is our first official raid night of our raid schedule for WotLK. I've already had the chance to play with both of our tanks and even at my gear level in comparison with theirs, they are both capable of keeping threat up enough to keep it off any of our dps (considering I can pump out 4k+ at any given time lol).

I've also continued with my ventures of 2v2 and recently joined a 3v3 with a few members from the top guilds on the server. We've broken the 1600 barrier on both! I'm slowly picking up more pvp gear, but I've mostly tried relying on the PvE burst damage capacity to blow down my opponents fast enough. If I wear my pvp gear, it makes for somewhat of a challenge of taking down healers (disc priests, resto shamans and holy paladins).

As a side note of news, I picked up the exalted plate boots from the Ebon Hold peeps and gemmed it up with +16 str gems and the hit / crit enchant. Pushed me up +.7% crit and 4 AP, as well as the new cloak I picked up from the Valor emblem vendor gave me an additional +.9% crit! After these upgrades I checked my stats and I'm up to 34.1% crit and close to 3200 AP unbuffed!

So we'll see what tomorrow night brings us raidwise. Should be fun!


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