Monday, January 26, 2009

Resolution clears Naxxramas!

Well, I wasn't there for the guild first -- but I'm happy they finished it off.

I decided to take the night off from raiding last night (I'm sure I'll hear all about it from the raid lead and guild leader tonight). I just felt like I needed some time to myself to clear my head and take care of some RL stuff instead. Definitely was a nice change of pace than what I'm used to on a Sunday evening.

So they went in and cleared Naxx for the first time as a guild, woohoo. I'm not enthralled with the pace we've took getting into raiding again in the first place, so its nice to see it cleared now. Personally I felt like it should have been cleared at least a month ago.

Although I am more excited about our first encounter with Malygos considering I've only assisted in attempts at him before and have yet to see him down. Lately I've just had a lack of desire to raid or play the game nearly as much as I have before, but this is due to the fact that I have a special woman in my life :).

I can definitely see why a few of my friends stopped playing over time -- WoW can interfere with more important life events! So yeah, WoW is / was a placeholder for me. It takes time out of my day to "accomplish" things that are trivial, its a fun escape from life and in some cases loneliness. I do have to admit that it is fun to grab your s.o. and run an instance with her when you both have time ;).

So, Cheers to Reso on clearing Naxx and cheers to getting outside every once in a while lol.


Adrus said...

Nice looking blog will add you to bookmark. Maybe with all the ret pally blogs i can figure out why im only doing 1600 dps in nexus at 80 =P


NightKnight said...

Thanks for visiting! You're more than welcome to ask questions to spur a blog post about a certain topic. I pull close to 4k dps in 10 man Naxx, so I'm more than happy to help out.

5 man content should still see close to 3k dps, even without substaintial group make up. Most of it is just timing, spec and rotation. I usually Judge wisdom (using seal of the martyr), CS, DS, Conscecration, pop trinkets / avenging wrath whenever possible. On undead work Exorcism and Holy Wrath into the rotation, but dont let it interrupt a judgement.