Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Mace, New Progress, Oh My!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Well, the past few days have been rather uneventful besides all of the family business with the holiday coming up. I did manage though to get into 25 Naxx for a bit of progression with the guild I've been volunteered to assist XD. This guild is working on 25 man content but do not quite have the set 25 people who are willing to all go at the same time, so this benefits me as I come in to give them a bit of help and have a chance at 1 piece of gear per raid night :).

So, we didn't get Patchwerk down, but his pals around him did happen to drop a nice Mace! I bet most of you could guess which one! Yes yes, Inevitable Defeat! We know mostly that this mace is reserved for DK tanks, but this guild had none, and the stats on it were just too good to pass up with me wielding the Titansteel Destroyer :P. So the rolls ensue, my "rival" dps death knight rolls a 9, his guildie ret paladin rolls a 43, and I roll a 97 and bam its mine! Boy did I get a lot of flack for that roll though! They were all putting pressure on me to join the guild after that roll lol. A lot of "we're never bringing pugs in again!" but of course they regained their cool and the attempts kept coming.

Now my paladin is the best geared player in my guild at the moment since we haven't started any real progression. We will be starting the good stuff in about 3 weeks now, which is fast approaching. I made it easy on myself being one of the first 80s in the guild, then did what I could to get prepared for our raids. Well, the bad thing about that is that I was good to go for 10 man naxx about 2-3 weeks into the expansion :S. So I went off and tried a few pug groups for 10 man Sartharion, then that led into groups for 10 man Naxx with this group of people who picked me up for other random runs.

Since I know most of my guild hasn't gotten to experience much of any raid content yet, I did manage to pull a few of them in for a bit of a 10 man Naxx pug, and 2 days ago I formed up a group for 10 man Archevon! I grabbed every 80 on in the guild at the time and had to pug 1 tank and 2 healers. After a good first attempt to 30%, I knew that we could take him down easily. Every single person in the raid except for myself had never stepped foot into wintergrasp or into Archevon's lair mind you lol. 2nd attempt on him comes and Bam, easy easy down. Got our fresh 80 Fury Warrior a set of Hateful gloves, and our mage his first piece of T7! It was pretty fun leading the group, though my raid leader wasn't very pleased that we did a raid event without him lol (he was out of town to visit family for the holidays).

I have a feeling that I'll be leading most of the fights when my guild finally gets into end game content (that and I really won't have much for upgrades! lol). From what our main raider's gear looks like, we should be able to plow through content pretty easily. Most of us are decked out in all emblem gear and filled gaps with crafted items as well as heroic epics. Now just need to wait on our healers to get there XD.

As for Arenas, I got a 2v2 arena team created and picked up a priest out of trade channel that just happened to be a gladiator / rival player from past arena seasons lol. We made it up through 1577 rating within about an hour with me dominating most of the matches. He was specced into holy for the run through since we both just wanted to test out our skill sets and see how we fare. Lets just say that both of us were pleased with the results! We'll try it out again with him as Discipline this coming week. Should be pushing through the 1600 bracket hopefully!

Well, that's pretty much all of the random ramblings I have from this past week :D. I'll have some free time to get into some antics this and next week due to the holidays! I'll keep you posted as always.

Also, don't worry -- I'll be posting some pictures of my char and antics soon! If you have any tips as to how to fit them in, let me know!

If you want to check out my armory, look me up as Nightknight Server: Vek'nilash (US).


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