Thursday, December 18, 2008


Hey all, welcome to my new blog!

As you can tell, I am a retribution paladin on World of Warcraft.

I hit 80 December 4th, 2008 and have progressively gained more experience with new content every day.

I've played my paladin since November of 2004. Raided pre-bc as Holy through MC, ZG, AQ20, a bit of BWL and AQ 40. I then switched to a rogue for TBC, progressed through all content up to BT before my guild broke off in pursuit of their own interests. Since then I concentrated on testing other specs for my paladin. I tried Protection for the majority of TBC, and played Retribution for PVP. Once the news of the retooling / reitemization of paladins broke out, thats when I knew I wanted to switch to Retribution. I haven't turned back since! Went through the nerfs, the buffs, more nerfs and tweaks but I cant help but be happy with the class (even though we still have some major bugs to be worked out of our class lol *cough* judgement bug *cough*).

In this blog I'll be posting about my random antics, news, tips, guides and progression; a nice mix of the game itself :).

In summation, welcome again and I hope you guys enjoy the blog!


Anonymous said...

Added to my blogroll :) Welcome buddy!

Yeah, Retribution is pretty sweet atm... get ready for some mana issues in raids, though.

LOL!! My Word Verification Code is "retholer"....

Alex - aka Firelight said...

Welcome to Blogdom mate!

Hope to read more from you in the future!

(What mana issues?)

Anonymous said...

Dealing with the fact that you have about... what is it, 5k mana? You should be fine come to think of it as long as you use Divine Plea every cooldown basically from the beginning of the fight... just pray you don't get asked to heal anything =/

NightKnight said...

lmao, yeah.. Divine plea and Judgement of Wisdom is used at every chance I get really. Luckily I still manage between 2.7k and 3.5k dps during boss fights :D. As for healing yeah, we can do fine for about 3 heals lol.

Anonymous said...

Be a man - farm some Dark Runes today. Life-savers, those.

Anonymous said...

"Raided pre-bc as Holy through MC, ZG, AQ20, a bit of BWL and AQ 40"

A Holy Paladin raiding pre-bc? No way! =P

There are alot of things I miss from pre-bc, 40 man raids, UBRS, 10 hour AVs, ect. One thing I will never miss though is the fact the only viable raiding spec for pallys was holy.

NightKnight said...

Haha, same here. I had fun raiding as holy back then because we were the saving grace of healers back then :P. When it came down to a boss encounter, I was their #1 man to heal the tank lol. Now I'm loving Ret with my 4k+ dps, even though we still have some classes out there who stomp that number into the ground -_-'.